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Espace Hygie is a state-of-the-art multipurpose sports centre in Gatineau where members come to exercise and feel good, take time to care for their mental and physical health, and work to improve their long-term health and well-being—it's all about gratitude, being happy with what you have in life, and appreciating each moment. Our facility features Reformer Pilates, aerial yoga, a wide variety of group classes, Biocircuit, Skill Athletic classes, and an ultramodern gym.

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Postnatal programming

Join us as early as 6 to 8 weeks after delivery, with your doctor's approval, especially in the case of a C-section.

  • Postnatal Circuit
This 60-minute class combines strength training and cardiovascular training to make you sweat at a higher intensity, while remaining safe and suitable for postnatal clients. 

  • Postnatal Reformer
Join Julia, doula and Pilates instructor, for a class specially designed to rebuild core muscles and improve mobility after childbirth. This class targets all areas that need special attention after childbirth, whatever the type.  
Strengthen your pelvic floor, abs, back and glutes, while opening up your chest and stretching your whole body with this must-take postnatal Pilates class. 

  • Postnatal yoga
Join our postnatal yoga class, designed to help new moms regain strength and serenity after childbirth. This class focuses on rebuilding the pelvic floor, core and back, while improving mobility and flexibility. 
Through adapted postures and breathing techniques, you'll be able to reduce tension, strengthen your body and calm your mind. 

Retirees Sessions

Espace Hygie has launched two new registration sessions.
  • Cardio intervals
A workout that combines cardiovascular and strength training exercises. The interval includes: 5 minutes of medium-intensity cardio and 3 minutes of strength training with free weights, elastics and balls, followed by a stretching period.
A cardio interval class for retirees aims to improve fitness in a safe and enjoyable way, contributing to a better quality of life and the prevention of various age-related ailments.

  • Pilates stability, strength and mobility
Come and discover the fundamentals of Pilates and progressions from the repertoires.  While the whole body works at every session, certain parts of the body will be targeted week by week to gain strength, length, mobility and stability.

Strength, challenge and well-being guaranteed!

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Fees and Memberships:

Espace Hygie suggests various access types after taking all aspects of your well-being into account. Learn more about our packages and make us your fitness club of choice: